Chiptune Live at Khaosan Tokyo

2009-02-10 / author : saitone

VORC Records held a chiptune live at Khaosan Tokyo Guest House, in 24th Dec. 2008.
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Live at Shibuya Amate-raxi

2008-12-08 / author : saitone

A live video of Saitone’s Overlapping Spiral on 30th Nov. 2008 at Shibuya amate-raxi.

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Overlapping Spiral (Traller Ver.)

2008-12-02 / author : saitone

Director : VJ REEL

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went on pre-order sale at HearJapan

2008-11-20 / author : saitone

Saitone’s 1st album Ovarlapping Spiral went on pre-order sale at HearJapan. Check the following link.

HearJapan – Overlapping Spiral
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VORC Records 2008 “Overlapping Spiral”

2008-11-15 / author : saitone

A release event of Saitone’s original 1st album is held at Shibuya amate-raxi on November 30.

2008.11.30. (sun)
OPEN : 17:00
at Shibuya amate-raxi
Entrance : 2000yen

Artist :
#01 : K->
#02 : suge
#03 : Bokusatsu Shoujyo Koubou
#04 : Far East Recording
#05 : USK
#06 : Tanikugu
#07 : hally
#08 : Saitone

VJ : REEL / Ben Sheppee (Lightrhythmvisuals)

Primary Location: Tokyo
Affiliations: Lightrhythm, Insector Labo
Releases: Ryuke:In-sect, illmatic chopper, gravith, coalescense, Singles11-15:northpoint remix
ryuke tokyo remix
# Lightrhythmvisuals

- Ben Sheppee
Ben Sheppee is best known for his work running the VJ Label Lightrhythm Visuals which produces audiovisual content and performance. Currently based in Tokyo he moved from the UK and the US before extending his labels network into Asia, securing distribution as he travelled. Constantly persuing the concept of video remixing he has inspired a culture of artists who share files and content, reintepreting each others work and learning from each others techniques. The results of these experiments are released on DVD and as data, widely used by leading visual artists and licensed by venues globally.
# Lightrhythmvisuals

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TSUGi meets HearJapan – Combination

2008-11-10 / author : saitone

Combination, from the Saitone’s 1st album Ovarlapping Spiral, participate in the collaboration of HearJapan and the French magazine TSUGi. HearJapan is a mp3 music store dedicated to Japanese music culture. TSUGi is a monthly magazine dedicated to independent electronic music.

TSUGi meets HearJapan

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Overlapping Spiral

2008-11-02 / author : saitone

2008.12.03. Release – VORC Records

Saitone 1st Album “Overlapping Spiral”

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